How to Spark Joy in the Lives of your Beneficiaries


When it comes to tidying up your house, it is advised that you only keep items that spark joy. This philosophy may be useful to baby boomers now in the process of downsizing their homes and those of us that have recently lost parents and are now cleaning out the home. I can attest to… Read More »

Seven Steps to Financial Wellness


Wellness is an ongoing process, not just a destination, and people both want and need help staying the course. A narrower perspective, “financial wellness” requires the same discipline. So, let’s break down “financial wellness” into constituent parts. The global pandemic burst the bull market bubble and forced us all to reconsider our lives and priorities.… Read More »

Remember: Recoveries have rewarded patience


If you’ve ever taken an economics course, you might recall this basic principle: Economies and financial markets, such as the stock and bond markets, move in cycles. That is, you can count on markets to experience lows, when prices fall, and peaks, when prices reach their highest. While no one has perfected the science of… Read More »