Where’s the Value? The Historical Long-Term Trend of Positive Value Premiums

When the topic of long-term investing comes up, a diversified portfolio is top on the list of discussion points. A balanced portfolio includes both value and growth stocks with a mix of large-cap and small-cap funds. Historically, value stocks out-perform growth stocks over extended time frames. Currently, we are in a period of under-performance for… Read More »

Factor Based Investing: Long-Term Performance vs Short-Term Disappointment

Stock market graph rising

If you’ve had a globally diversified portfolio, you know: You’ve already have your low-cost, globally diversified portfolio to help you achieve your personal goals. You’ve done so by tilting your portfolio toward or away from long-term sources of expected returns – and their risks. When those risks arise, if your goals haven’t changed, neither should… Read More »

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Hand drawing with chalk money earning strategy

Investment fads are nothing new. When selecting strategies for their portfolios, investors are often tempted to seek out the latest and greatest investment opportunities. Over the years, these approaches have sought to capitalize on developments such as the perceived relative strength of particular geographic regions, technological changes in the economy, or the popularity of different… Read More »